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Continuity of Learning Plan & Enrichment Work for Students

The Hyde Park Central School District Continuity of Learning Plan for Families v4.0[5/15]

Hyde Park Central School District Plan de Continuidad del Aprendizaje para las Familias [actualización próxima]

Enrichment work - posted 3/16/20

Due to the closing of schools, enrichment work for home has been provided for students.

Elementary student work has been organized per building - per grade. 

FDR work has been organized by subject. 

HMS work has been organized by grade.

Please click on the appropriate school for your particular work packet. 

FDR      HMS 

NES      NPE 

 RRS (see Google)  VAS


  • You do NOT need to have a printed packet!  Students can look at the online packet and write their answers on a separate piece of paper.  They can use a Google Doc, or even complete the PDF using a Chrome feature called Kami!
  • If you do not see a packet for your student's specific class/subject, have your student login to Google Classroom - many teachers utilize published textbook materials that we cannot re-publish.  These materials may be available in the teacher's Google Classroom.