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Camp Invention 2022 a Success!

Students in the Summer 2022 Camp Invention, hosted at North Park Elementary, participated in the following activities.  
Robotic Aquatics

Children dive into cutting-edge ocean research when they receive their own aquatic animal! They design and patent new aquatic plants to create a mini tank habitat, and they give their animal a symbiotic best friend. By designing the next great bio-inspired aquatic innovation, students lure in and hook investors at the fish market.


Imaginations soar beyond Earth’s atmosphere in science-rich activities inspired by real space exploration. Children create Spacepacks and Astro-Arm devices, take on gravity-defying cooking, make lunar glow-in-the-dark discoveries and observe ice volcanoes. Before returning to Earth, they mine an asteroid and collect data on how animals can grow in space!

NIHF’s The Attic

In this immersive STEAM experience, children solve riddles to find inventions that have changed the way people create. Learning that everyone can be creative, they play and experiment with materials science, chemistry and art. They even build their own robotic artist to make unique spin art.

Marble Arcade

As they build their own mega marble arcades, students zigzag through physics, engineering and gaming. Using scientific principles like potential and kinetic energy, they roll different gaming spheres fast, and then slow. Collaborative design challenges take children out of the digital world and into hands-on problem solving.