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Youth Empowerment & Sustainability Summit (YESS!)

3 HMS and 3 FDR kids went to the Ashokan Center for 3 days and nights of workshops, presentations, hikes, and other activities. Everything centered around working towards solutions to the climate crisis and how to live more sustainably. Our kids learned about food waste and the importance of pollinators as well as how to get started taking action, reaching out to others, and making an action plan. 

There were over 100 kids from neighboring districts, New York City, England, and Sweden. All of the kids were incredibly engaged throughout the summit and left feeling empowered and motivated to start making changes.

This is from their site: 

The Youth Empowerment & Sustainability Summit (YESS!) is a global climate solution and leadership summit for young people who are ready to change their lives and their communities by working towards climate resilience. The three-day event is designed to empower students from middle school through college by teaching them to develop solutions-based thinking and civic engagement skills.