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School Messenger

School Messenger Please be advised we are only allowed to send out certain types of School Messenger messages via phone/text and other types of messages via email. This second type of message tends to require more explanation and provide an opportunity for you to visually review.  It has come to my attention that some people are not signed up for or have chosen to not receive these Email messages. Some have probably thought that by signing up for one form of a message, they would receive all messages not understanding the different requirements. In an effort to ensure all of our community receives all important messages, please follow the simple process below to add the email field.

On the Hyde Park Central School District Website (, there is a sign-up form under the “Parents & Students” tab of the website. 

  1. Use the webpage to access the “Parents & Students” tab.
  2. Under the heading “Web Resources 2,” click on  “School Messenger Enrollment.”
  3. Complete the Name/required information fields and click next.
  4. Enter your email to receive important notifications.
  5. Enter your phone to receive texts or voicemails.

We appreciate you adding this important link to receive this information.

Rick Pardy, Principal