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Scheduling Orientation Video for Incoming Freshmen

FDR Scheduling Orientation for Incoming Freshmen This time of year is when 8th grade students begin the scheduling process as they plan to begin their high school careers at FDR High School! 

We all know that this school year has been different from any other year. Traditionally, scheduling orientation is a time for students and parents to hear about the various courses offered to incoming 9th graders. This is also a time for students to receive insight into what they can expect when they sit with their school counselor to create their freshman schedule.

This year’s 8th Grade Scheduling Orientation is available in video format. Click here to view the scheduling orientation video. Although we are not able to host the scheduling orientation in a traditional fashion, we believe we have captured the key points in our video. 

The faculty and staff at FDR High School are sincerely looking forward to working with the incoming Class of 2025! 

Course Selection Guide 2021-2022