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FDR is Thankful

FDR Thankful Tree

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, FDR students took some time to reflect on what matters most in their lives.

The first project, facilitated by our school psychologists, is our annual "Thankfulness Tree."  Students were asked to anonymously write something that they are thankful for on a leaf.  The leaves were collected and are displayed on our Thankfulness Tree in the main lobby.  

Our second project was created by our Sources of Strength team, as part of their thankfulness campaign.  During lunch periods, the team recruited students to each write three things that they are thankful for. In reviewing these cards, the team discovered that many of the responses focused on the foundations of the Sources of Strength program: 

SOS ThankfulFamily Support

Positive Friends


Healthy Activities



Medical Access

Mental Health

These cards are on display in the hallway near room 118 for everyone to see while walking to class. 

 SOS Thankful  SOS Thankful