Reading & Writing

  • Are we expected to confer with students individually? If so, how often?

  • Can I ask kids to post their independent writing and then do an intervention group/mid-workshop teaching point the next day rather than the next mini-lesson?

  • Can I post a 10 minute mini-lesson and expect kids to practice reading and writing independently? If so, for how long each day?

  • Can we use videos or digital anchor charts from the Heinemann website if we have registered our kits?

  • Should kids be posting their reading logs?

  • What are they expected to read as they may not have access to books on their independent reading level?


  • What are the expectations for independent math work?

  • What are the expectations for online math work?

  • Math module lessons usually run for an hour. What am I expected to teach/cover in ten minutes? Can we just focus on fluency, calendar and problem solving? Could we assign Zearn or Khan Academy or MAP Skills instead of posting a 10 minute lesson?


  • What do elementary Science 21 lessons look like?

Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

  • What are the expectations for elementary AIS teachers?

  • What are the expectations for Teaching Assistants?

  • How should Math AIS be constructed?

Special Education

  • What are the expectations for Teacher Aides?

  • When will CSE meetings be rescheduled? How will I participate?

English as a New Language (ENL)

  • What are the expectations for ENL teachers?