Welcome to NPE


    At North Park, our mission is to educate the whole child. Elementary school is a time when all things are possible. Our children can be readers, writers and thinkers. They can be scientists, mathematicians, engineers, musicians, actors and athletes. Students can explore many different kinds of things to find their interests, their talent, and maybe even their passion. Most importantly, we want our students to see themselves as capable students and to love learning. 

    Not only do we want our students to be successful learners, we also want them to be good citizens. Our motto is Courage to Do the Right Thing, and every morning we pledge to do that, even when no one is watching. We travel on Healthy Highways to better fitness, nutrition and character. We work together with families to provide numerous enriching opportunities for our children.

    Please take some time to look at our website. You will see for yourself how interesting and exciting it can be to be a North Park student!

The North Park Pledge
  • (Healthy choice sentence courtesy of Healthy Highway)