School Visits

  • Visitors are always welcome at Hyde Park schools.  Classroom visits should be arranged in advance.

    Please use the main doors and report directly to the office to sign in when entering the building. This will reduce classroom interruptions and also comply with State Law. 

    All visitors to the school buildings must carry a valid government issued identification card, and must present this card to the building staff upon arrival.

NES Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    Buses Unload: 9:25 AM

    School in-session: 9:40 - 3:40 PM

    Buses Leave: 3:50 PM

    Early Dismissal

    Buses unload: 9:25 AM

    School in-session 9:40 - 12:40

    Buses leave 12:50

    Two-Hour Delay

    Buses unload: 11:25

    School in-session 11:40 - 3:40 

    Buses leave: 3:50