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    • If students have headphones or earbuds, please have them bring them to school! And bring your Chromebooks charged!
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    ALL CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK for Math can be found on our Google Site for all Math Classes! 

    This week in
    we are continuing Module 4: Quadratic Functions! Last week students learned to solve quadratic equations using the Quadratic Formula. We will continue to solve quadratic equations by graphing and by using  algebraic methods this week. Edited 3/26

    This week in Math 8 we will begin to continue to study bivariate data using two-way tables. Students will learn to numerically analyze qualitative data. Edited 3/26

    This week in English Honors  we are about 1/2 way through our To Kill a Mockingbird unit. Students are responsible for one chapter each. They share a summary of the chapter and lead the class in a discussion about one of the important themes or concepts for the chapter. We have also studied the time period/setting, Scottboro trials (Lee's inspiration for her book) and have been deeply analyzing the text.  Edited 4/4

    This week in English 8  we are finishing up our "Taking a Stand" unit. We have read and analyzing some excellent pieces of literature with the common theme of taking a stand in a variety of ways. Students will take an assessment this week and after break we will be our Research Report unit as we learn about topics for our next book, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.  Edited 4/4

    This week in Living Environment we are starting our unit on genetics. Our focus will be on DNA replication and protein synthesis but we are starting with some 'genetics basics' like what are traits and heredity? We've already completed two out of the four state mandated labs. The third one will be later this unit. We've also done one practice regents test with more to be coming soon.  Edited 2/08

    This week in Life Science we are wrapping up our genetics unit that included reproduction in plants. We've completed a lab packet (due this Friday) and we wrote stories about how we developed from a seed to a flower. Ask your child about their story! Our next unit will be all about Ecology. We'll be studying relationships within ecosystems and learn all about my favorite apex predator, the wolf!   Edited 2/08

    This week in  Social Studies we started a new unit which will focus on the development of big business and industry from the mid-1800's to the 1920's. This week will be looking at photos of the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. We are also using the Chrome books on Tuesday. The inventors chart is due Thursday & Questions 2-10 from the industrialization packet is due Friday. 

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