Ms. Barth Reading 7-8

  • Welcome to my classroom website!

    Thank you for your patience while I've been getting my website online.

    As the year goes along, I will be adding more useful information. For now, let this be a small portal into your child's Reading class.

    Here, you can access Reading Log documents, and several websites that we use in class. To make this site immediately useful to you, you can click on these word docs and links at the bottom of this page.

    Reading Log 1, filled in weekly and signed by you, the parent, is a clear indicator that your child is an independent reader! A young person who derives pleasure from independent reading will be among the fastest to raise their reading level. Reading class is only 40 minutes, every other day. All of my students' growth can't happen in that small time. Independent reading outside of class is essential for growth in reading.

    Reading Log 2 or 3, when filled in along with Reading Log 1, will serve as a place to record the thinking process that happens when we read. This is great for accountability, because it shows that your child is really paying attention when they read.

    Haviland Middle School reading teachers use this Reading A-Z website for kids to practice independent leveled reading during class time. Feel free to browse your child's reading assignment.
    teacher username abarth0

    Also useful for vocabulary:

    teacher username msbarth

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