Central Registration

  • Welcome to Central Registration!



    Registration packets can be printed out from this page (see below) or you can stop by during business hours ( 9 am - 3 pm) to pick up registration materials.  Each packet contains a checklist that explains what is required in order to register your child(ren). 


    Once your packet has been completed, please call the number below to schedule an appointment to submit your paperwork.

    Office Location: 4327 Albany Post Rd. (Route 9), Hyde Park, New York.  Map it!  

    Phone: 845-229-4000, extension 1601

    Hours: 9 am - 3 pm , Monday through Friday - call for an appointment





    Children must be 5 years old by December 1, 2018 to be eligible for enrollment in September.

    Registration will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call the office at 845-229-4000, extension 1601, to make an appointment.






    Children must be 4 years old by December 1, 2018

    to be eligible for enrollment in September.


    Applications are still available and will be accepted 




    Call 845-229-4000, extension 1601, to make an appointment.






    If you have any questions, please call 845-229-4000, extension 1601.

Registration Documents Requirements

  •  The following documents must be provided at the time you register your child(ren):

    • Proof of Residence for Homeowners:
      • If you are the owner and occupant of a home within the district, you will need to provide a copy of your current school or property tax bill AND one current, recurring bill such as electric, cable or phone bill.  The bill must have parent/guardian name and address on it for service at this address.
      • If you have recently purchased your home and do not yet have a tax bill, you may provide a copy of your contract, closing statement or deed. You will also need to provide at least one current, recurring utility bill as stated above.

    • Proof of Residency for Renters:
      • If you are renting an apartment in a complex, you need to provide your signed lease, AND a current, recurring utility bill such as electric, cable or telephone bill.  The bill must have the parent/guardian name and address for service as this address.
      • If you are renting privately, or are living with another person, you must provide the signed lease and have the landlord complete the Owner's Affidavit which is included in the registration packet, AND provide a current, recurring utility bill such as electric, cable or telephone bill as stated above.
    • Proof of Age
      • Child's original birth certificate
      • Child's passport
    • Immunization Health Record & Physical Exam -  signed or stamped by the physician.
      Each child entering school must bring proof of immunization against polio, measles, rubella, diphtheria, and mumps. The only exceptions to this law are a physician's statement that immunization may be detrimental to the child's health or unless the parents testify in writing that they are members of a recognized religious group whose teaching prohibit immunization.  
    • Photo Identification of parent registering the student(s)
    • IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) if your child receives special edcuation services
    • 504 Accommodation Plan if your child receives accomodations


     Other documents to be provided, if applicable:

    • Court documents such as a custody order or order of protection
    • DS2999 form if you are registering a foster care child