Transportation and Buses


    Transportation and Buses

    Supervisor of Transportation - Tamara Fielding
    Phone: 229-4070

Transportation Rules & Regulations

  • Vehicles are not to pass a School Bus on school grounds (or on the road) that has its lights flashing!

    Bus Passes

    Bus passes are REQUIRED if children wish to ride on a school bus other than their assigned route to and from school. These passes will be honored if the bus has enough seats available. If not, parents will have to make alternate arrangements. Parents are required to send a signed note to school which states the date, the name of the child for whom the pass is requested, the name (and/or address) of the alternate location requested, and the school bus route, if known. Students then present the bus pass to the driver.

    Prohibited Items

    Large musical instruments are prohibited from being carried on the buses, particularly when the bus load is near capacity and/or the student has difficulty managing the instrument due to its size. Clearly allowed are instruments small enough to fit comfortably on the lap or to stand between the legs of a student, as long as the instrument does not interfere with other passengers on the bus seat. Additionally, for safety reasons, other large packages and parcels, glass containers and live animals are not allowed on the school buses.

    Suspension from School Bus

    Principals have the authority to suspend a student from school, from transportation or extra-curricular activities for up to five days. Suspension may occur if a student is insubordinate, disorderly or endangers the health, safety, or morals of themselves or of others. Long-term suspensions may occur as a result of a suspension hearing.

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