Social Workers

  • Social Worker Services

    Our district Licensed Clinical Social Workers hold permanent certification as School Social Workers through the NYS Department of Education.  School Social Workers are unique in pupil personnel in that they are licensed as well as certified.

    School Social Workers help maintain and enhance the mental, emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social functioning of student learners. They apply social work theory, principles, and methods to assess, evaluate, formulate and implement a plan of action based on a student learner’s needs and strengths. School Social Workers have special expertise in understanding family and community systems as well as linking students and their families with community services.

    In addition, School Social Workers help general and special education students and their families to resolve social, emotional and behavioral problems.  They meet one-on-one with individual students or in groups of students to work on issues including school attendance, bullying, peer relationships, behavior problems, issues in the community. Throughout the year, they help students to develop social skills, coping strategies and to find positive solutions.

    School Social Workers collaborate with administrators, teachers, the psychologist, school nurse, guidance counselor and parents/guardians to provide coordinated interventions and consultation designed to keep students in school.  They are a vital link to help families access supports needed to promote student success. School Social Workers bridge school, home, and community to help students be as successful as possible.

Psychological Services

  • Psychological Services

    A psychologist is professionally trained to understand human behavior. The school psychologist applies this training in the area of education and serves the school in an advisory capacity. The skill and training of the psychologist is focused on helping all students achieve to their fullest potential. Some children experience difficulty in school because one or more of their intellectual, emotional and/or social needs are not being met. The school psychologist's task is to identify these unmet needs and to recommend measures to meet them. Psychological services are related directly to the goals of the school by helping each student to learn, grow and adjust. These services include early assessment in the areas of intellectual, scholastic, personal and social development. Working with guidance, the school nurse, social worker, teachers, administrators, and parents, the psychologist tries to bring about changes which will improve learning for a student.
    The psychologist may also conduct individual psychological evaluations for students experiencing difficulty in school.
    A variety of techniques are used (tests, interviews, consultations, observations, and record reviews) to determine the student's problems. Following the evaluation, a course of action is recommended in conjunction with other school personnel in a team planning format. This might include curriculum adjustment, program changes, suggestions to teachers and/or parents, placement in special programs, and counseling and/or referral to an appropriate agency or professional in the community. A request for psychological services can be made to the building principal by school personnel, parents or students.

Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Substance Abuse Counselors

    Student Assistance Counselors work directly with students, either on a referral basis from an administrator or by a student requesting an appointment. This service is available at Roosevelt High School and Haviland Middle School.

High School Counseling Center

  • High School Counseling Center

    The Roosevelt Counseling Center has an open-door policy for appointments, but students with previous appointments have priority. The counseling services available include: personal counseling, with the counselors providing support to students experiencing the normal range of problems confronting teens; group counseling, to facilitate self-esteem; and career, college, academic, and student-athlete counseling.