English: SEL Program

  • Welcome!

    My name is Mr. Deming. I am entering my third year as a special education/English teacher within the SEL Program at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. I also serve as the head JV football coach, as well as an assistant track and field coach. 

    This year, I am moving forward with "Google Classroom," an application used for learning. If you are a student in one of my classes, please check your email. From there, you will be able to accept an invitation to your specific class period. Once logged in to Google Classroom, you can check for daily assignments, resources, and other learning tools.  

    Below, you will find my schedule for the 2015-2016 school year. If you need extra assistance with an assignment, please set up an appointment with me. I am available after school, Tuesday through Thursday, until 3:00.

    Period 1: Study Skills

    Period 2: English 10

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: Media Literacy/Creative Writing

    Period 5: English 11

    Period 6: (Lunch)

    Period 7: Study Hall

    Period 8: English 9

    If you ever have any questions, please contact me through email: justindeming@hpcsd.org.

    Thank you for visiting!

    - Mr. Deming