Mr. Clair's Mathland

Welcome to Mr. Clair's Mathland!

Mr. Clair's Mathland is a place that you can come to find Homework assignments, past classwork, quiz or test reviews, and regents help.  Feel free to look around and click on the links that are provided!  Be sure to visit this site often because I will be updating it each week.

About Mr. Clair

I am an Algebra 1 and PreCalculus teacher here at FDR.  Along with teaching this class, I coach sports all year round.  This is my sixth year teaching, and I am excited to have a great year! 



**** The best way to contact me is through e-mail =  ****


Class Materials:

  1. Notebook/Binder (*Binder is Preferred)
  2. TI-84 Calculator (*optional - one will be provided)
  3. Pens/Pencils
  4. Paper
  5. Your Brain!