Energy Conservation Program

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Why Do We Have a Program For This?

Energy is a huge cost for the district.  Last year the district spent over $800,000 on energy and it is one of the highest cost budget line items each year.  At the same time, the economy has been low and has started to come back, but it has made everyone very aware of budget dollars and how they are spent.  If budgets are not passed, the District will lose programs and money for projects and basic maintenance.  Buildings and programs are in need across the country and this district is no different.  By closely managing how we use our energy, identifying problems and areas that utility dollars can be saved, we can save money instead of spending it paying for unnecessary energy.  This money can then be used directly for our buildings and programs. 

We launched our Energy Conservation Program in July of 2013 with the hire of our Energy Education Specialist, Jill Parisella, and our partnership with Cenergistic, Inc.  Cenergistic is an award winning energy conservation company whose programs involve a cultural shift in energy utilization for the entire district along with intensive, regular review and auditing of the district's energy management systems and have saved more than $3.2 billion for educational, healthcare, and ministerial organizations across the nation.  

Isn't saving energy common sense stuff though?  

Sure saving energy is common sense, but it take a lot more than common sense to make it happen.  This is especially true in a district such as ours with numerous facilities and buildings, multiple schedules and activities year round, and a variety of heating and cooling systems of different ages and types.  Requirements and schedules change with the seasons and depending on the personality of each building - no two buildings are the same or have systems that respond the same way.  

It is a never-ending quest to ensure comfort while we reduce waste.  That is why every system, every room in every building, and every staff member has to be part of the energy conservation program to achieve the greatest savings possible.  It is a completely comprehensive program and involves all the people in our district who use energy - that's all of us!  This program is people-oriented and makes everyone accountable for energy use.  Everyone is an energy user and an energy saver.  With intensive training, planning, and coordination, this behavior based program results in developing the best practices in energy conservation today! 


What have we saved so far you ask?

Energy Savings (through June 2016):
$513,824 (17.8% energy reduction over what would have been spent without the program)

Environmental Benefits
We have saved over: 
 1.39 Million kWh of Electricity 
 37,750 CCFs of Natural Gas
 123,032 gallons of Fuel Oil
 2,072 gallons of Water

These savings equate to:
Preventing 1,812 Equivalent Metric Tons of CO2
Removing 378 automobiles for an entire year
Planting 46,467 tree seedlings and growing for 10 years

Remember, every dollar not spent on an unnecessary utility expense, is a dollar saved for education!