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  • 2016 football season is fast approaching!!! 

    Please visit the HANDOUTS section for forms associated with the Admirals Camp and the Presidents Skills Camp. Thank you.

    FDR BOOSTER CLUB has opened our FIRST Team Flash Store of the season .  Every flash store will have different apparel and team logos. Make sure you get one of each!

    Team Flash Store is only Open for TEN DAYS!!!!!! Get your orders in quick. We need to sell $500 worth of merchandise or ALL the orders get CANCELLED. 
    Here's how it works. Go to BSN Sports. Click on MY TEAM SHOP.
    Put in our team code. presid3XJ
    Then shop!!
    Remember opens today and we only have ten days! Must sell $500 to get our stuff!
    Coach Bellino is also doing a Nike back pack order separately. Please see him for order forms


    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Coach Bellino.


    All News and Daily Messages can now be found under the NEWS Link.

    "Motivation is the will to do something to the absolute best of one's ability.  A motivated man refuses to surrender even when there is nothing left to give.  The enormity of the task does not matter.  Neither do overwhelming odds against success.  An effort may at times fall short of its goal, but a motivated team never allows itself to come up short of effort.  Success isn't a case of never making mistakes.  It's a case of never giving up after making mistakes.  That's motivation!  Ordinary men make promises to achieve excellence.  Motivated men are fearless.  They take it one step further.  They make commitments and never compromise."
                                 - Bo Schembechler