Instructional Guidance

  • Acceptable Use Policy for Staff
  • Improve Chromebook Performance
  • HPCSD Staff Remote Learning Manual
  • Staff Training Resources
  • NY Continuity of Learning

General Tech Questions

  • Can I just bring my personal device and connect to the district network?

  • Can k-5 students have access to...

  • Can I use any program that's out there?

  • How do I make a confidential call without them seeing my phone number?

  • How do I access my Voicemail from home?


  • How do I see my student/parent contact information for my classes?

  • How does parent contact information get updated?

FAQ's for Staff and Families

  • I don't understand this whole Google / Chromebook thing...

  • My home wireless is not reliable

  • My student can't login to Google Classroom

  • How does a parent join a Google Classroom?

  • I'm concerned about my child's online behavior.

  • I can't print from my Chromebook

  • Google resources for Children with Disabilities

Training for Teachers on Remote Learning

  • Will there be training in [insert name of application]?

  • The Paperless Classroom - ISTE Prezi

Google World

  • How do I share a document/folder for students? for parents?

  • HELP! How do I save Google Docs for offline use?

  • My Google Site is giving me troubles...

Virtual Classrooms

  • Classroom, Grades & New Quarters

  • Who should we invite as co-teachers to our Classroom?

  • How are students expected share work remotely?

  • How do I assign and manage exit tickets?

  • How do I start a Google Meet?

  • How do I control a Google Meet?

  • How do I use Google Meet as a virtual classroom?

  • How do I create my own YouTube video lessons

  • How do I easily email the students / parents in my class?


  • Student screen says "No active tab"

  • Student screen says "Not found"

  • Student screen says "Offline"

  • Student's screen says "Monitoring is restricted"

  • Student screen says: "Waiting for activity"

Copyright & Recordings

  • Article: Publishers adapt policies to help educators

  • Can I use [insert title, movie, etc] on Google Classroom?

  • Can students post videos for band and orchestra?

Educational Video Sources

  • How do I record a Google Meet?

  • How can I record a lesson? Epson document camera?

  • Educational video sources [other than YouTube]

  • Can students watch YouTube videos on Chromebooks?

Adaptive resources

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Voice Typing

  • Chrome extensions to help struggling students

Google Classroom

  • How do I access Classroom and create my classes?

  • I can't create a Classroom!

  • Isn't there an easier way to add students? I have ### students!!!

  • How do I add students to my Classroom?

  • How do I add elementary students to my classroom?

  • How do I access and adjust Classroom settings?

  • How do I use the Classroom Stream?

  • How do I create and assign Classwork?

  • How do I add parents into a Classroom?

  • How do I add a Meet link to my Classroom Stream for live video?

  • Why/How do I archive my Classroom [and GoGuardian]?