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    2022-2023 School Year  

    2023-2024 School Year

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    The UPreK application is now posted on our website.  The location to submit your application is at 11 Boice Road, Hyde Park (by appointment only - 845-229-4000 ext. 1606).

    All other questions concerning UPreK, please call 845-229-4000 ext. 1201.

    There are 2 sites; if you want to visit, call: Hyde Park Elementary (845-698-1072) or Holy Trinity Annex (St. Peter's) (845-471-6600).


     -    Who is eligible?

    Students living in the Hyde Park CSD who will turn four by December 1, 2022. 

    -   How much does it cost?

    Universal Pre-K is fully funded through a grant. There is no charge to families for this program.

     -   How do I apply?

    Call for an appointment to submit your completed packet. The Registration Office is located at District Office, 11 Boice Road, in the town of Hyde Park – 12538.

    -  UPK Application Form 

    Forms will also be available at each elementary building and at district office.

    -   How will I know if my child has been accepted?

    Families will receive written notification of their acceptance upon receipt of a letter at the end of May.

    -   Is transportation provided?

    Yes, the Hyde Park CSD will provide transportation.

    -   What does the program offer?   

    The program will provide a full day program, following the Hyde Park CSD calendar and has a rich, preschool curriculum that has been approved by the New York State Education Department. Class size will meet the needs of our youngest learners.

    Students receiving special education services will be placed through the Committee on Preschool Special Education process. Students without special needs will register through the Hyde Park CSD, using the application form listed above.

     The following is a sample full day schedule:

    • Arrival - greeting, choice of a quiet activity
    • Snack
    • Small group – morning meeting, which includes mini-lessons. Children then choose centers.
    • Center time – child initiated activities with teacher support as needed.
    • Recall time – review of centers
    • Large Motor – outdoor playground play or similar activity
    • Lunch
    • Small group – example: science/math/art/story/ teacher guided activities
    • Music and movement
    • Center time
    • Closing meeting
    • Dismissal




Universal PreK