• The Hyde Park Central School District Board of Education condemns and strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination, such as harassment, hazing and bullying on school grounds, school buses and at all school-sponsored activities, programs and events.

    A form, located on this page, can be used to report incidents of bullying behavior and/or harassment. As an alternative to completing this form, anyone who wishes to report an incident may speak directly to a Building Administrator.


    District Coordinator

      Dr. Gregory Brown, Deputy Superintendent

                                Netherwood Elementary                                            North Park Elementary        

                                James Daley, Principal                                            Lynnette Williams, Principal  

                             Ralph R. Smith Elementary                                         Violet Avenue Elementary

                                Melissa Lawson, Principal                                            Deanna Gonzalez, Principal 

                                Haviland Middle School                                    Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

                                   Eric Shaw, Principal                                                    Rick Pardy, Principal

                     Paul Fazziola, Asst. Principal, Designee                        Dan Cowan, Asst. Principal, Designee

                   Joseph Sullivan, Asst. Principal, Designee                      Mike Ruella, Asst. Principal, Designee 


DASA State Guidance

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DASA Reporting Form


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    DASA Form