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  • SOS

    Mission: Our mission is to provide the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help and strength.

    Vision: We believe that many strengths are more powerful than one, and our united goal is to activate and mobilize these strengths in ways that positively change individuals and communities.

    Information on the history of Sources of Strength is available at www.sourcesofstrength.org/discover/history

    Information regarding evidence of effectiveness of the Sources of Strength program is available at www.sourcesofstrength.org/discover/evidence

  • SOSThe wheel serves as a visual representation of each individual's potential sources of strength.  These sources of strength include:

    • Family Support
    • Positive Friends
    • Mentors
    • Healthy Activities
    • Generosity
    • Spirituality
    • Physical Health
    • Mental Health

Sources of Strength at FDR

  • FDR Sources of Strength

    The Sources of Strength program was introduced to F. D. Roosevelt High School in January 2017, when 50 students and 10 staff were trained and became FDR's first Sources of Strength team.  While some of these team members have graduated, many students from this initial cohort of peer leaders remain active and committed to the program.

    Peer Leaders

    Sources of Strength Peer Leaders

    FDR continues to have an active and diverse Sources of Strength team.  Peer leaders are carefully selected based on teacher recommendations and/or previous history demonstrating leadership skills.  After accepting nominations to become Sources of Strength peer leaders, students participate in a full day of training away from the FDR campus.  The training is both interactive and educational.  Students participate in activities that generate thought and conversation, learn about the eight components of the Sources of Strength wheel, identify and discuss their own strengths, and develop plans and strategies for implementing Sources of Strength campaigns at school.

    FDR Sources of Strength Team

    Adult Advisors

    Adult advisors are positive and caring FDR staff members who support, mentor, and assist peer leaders in spreading hope, help, and strength-based messages across their friendship networks.

    The adult advisors for the FDR Sources of Strength team are:

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