Haviland History


    The history of Haviland Middle School is a part of Hyde Park's past, present and future. FDR himself was integerally involved in the planning, building and dedication of our school and the other two historic schools in our district.

    Our building, constructed on land donated by farmer Ben Haviland, was originally named Franklin Delano Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School and housed all the district's secondary school students before enrollment increases necessitated the construction of our current high school.

    On October 11, 2010, 70 years after FDR himself dedicated our historic schools, the Hyde Park School District's three historic schools were re-dedicated and The Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Education Memorial was unveiled in our school's auditorum lobby.

    For more details on our history check out the links and files found below this video of the original dedication of our historic schools which culminated in a speech given by President Roosevelt.







Original program from 1940 dedication

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President Roosevelt giving his dedication speech
The President and First Lady following the dedication ceremony.