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     You can help our school by participating in company sponsored fundraising.

    Register your Stop and Shop or Price Chopper card.

    Haviland will earn $$ through your purchases. A few moments of your time can reap great rewards for our kids.

    Price Chopper- Tools for Schoolprice chopper

    • Register your Pricechopper AdvantEdge card at
    • Price Chopper
    • School code: 16146
    • Sign up at Amazon Smile When you shop Amazon our school will earn money(no cost to you)
    • You can redeem Coca-cola rewards here: Coca Cola rewards
    •  Please sign up for the Box Tops app. (You can do this through the app store or google play)

    Scan your receipt and it calculates box tops to deposit into our account.

    (Apple) Box top app

    (Android)Android boxtops app


    If you have regular box tops that you clip out please send into your child´s homeroom.

    box tops

    Let us know if you hear about any other easy fundraising programs, they enable us to bring awesome programs to our schools and help teachers in the classroom


    Struggling with life challenges? You can use this link to find someone who will listen.

    Talk Help Line 



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