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    Even if you only spend a few minutes a day on one or

    more of these strategies, you will notice a difference !


    If you are having difficultly on a particular topic:


    Here are some sites that have instructional videos on Algebra 2 topics (also don't underestimate the scope of YouTube...):  - tons of video clips for every subject - good for Regents Review 


    If you want to do better on your unit tests:


    1)      As you are doing homework assignments or reading the text, make a note, circle or put a ? by anything you don’t understand and ask about it in class.


    2)      Take notes during class.  After class, review your notes and rewrite them if necessary to fill in any missing details.  If you don’t understand a concept, question your teacher about it during the next class or during extra help.


    3)      Remember that learning mathematics is a step-by-step process.  Always keep up with and complete your assignments because you must understand each topic in order to learn the next one.


    4)      When you are working problems for homework assignments, show every step in your solution.  Then, if you make an error, it will be easier for you or your teacher to find it.


    5)      Work the problems in the homework assignments as though you were practicing for a test.  First try to do the problems with your notes closed.


    6)      Study with another student or small group of students, especially when preparing for a test.


    7)      On the day of a test, allow yourself enough time to get to the classroom early.


    8)      Review/go over your tests carefully, making sure you understand where and how you made errors.  Contact your teacher for help if needed.


    9)      If you are having a problem, be sure to take advantage of after school help.  If needed, you may have to contact an outside source for help (i.e. peer tutor, online tutoring, another math teacher, math tutor). 


    If you are studying for the Regents Exam:

    1)  Read over your notes from old chapters


    2)  Look at an old test & retry questions (especially ones you did incorrectly the first time)


    3)  Make a formula/cram sheet that lists things to memorize


    4)  Try Regents questions (be sure to check answers and try to correct the ones you did wrong)


    5)  Seek out help from knowledgeable sources (teacher, tutor, sibling, etc.)


    6)  The following link is from, which includes interactive review sheets sorted by topic (you have to scroll down to see the subject titles):

    7)  If you did not complete all the review do nows in class, see the list below for the answer keys to them. 

    8)  The first file listed below includes the dates & times of the review sessions to be held during Regents week, in addition to general info (i.e. calculator & test tips). 

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