Budget Fast Facts

    2020-2021 Budget Vote / BOE Member Election Results:
    • PASSED: Proposition I – 2020-2021 School District General Operating Budget


    • PASSED: Proposition II –  School Bus Replacement 


     Board of Education Member Election results, 2 open seats: 

    • Jeff Danielson    - ELECTED

    • Michael Tibbett - ELECTED


    Link to June 2020 Vote Results



    Thank you to the Hyde Park community!



    2020-21 General Operating Budget:    $101,635,452

                        Budget-to-Budget Increase:    2.94%


                        2020-2021 Tax Levy:                 $63,180,495

                        Tax Levy Increase:                       2.05%


    Hyde Park Central School District is tax cap compliant

    for the 2020-2021 school budget year.



    Please see the 2021-2022 Budget Information section to the right side on this page for more information on the budget. 

    Presentations and related information will be posted as updates become available.  Please check back periodically for updates. 

    Information about Capital Projects and past budget years is below.


    If you have any budget related questions you can e-mail them to: budget@hpcsd.org

     For Voter Information click here:  BOE District Vote Page

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