Off Season Volleyball

  • Home Volleyball Drills

    Setting Drills

    Warm Up Hands

    • Quick sets against a wall for 45 seconds
    • Take a step back, set against wall for 60 seconds
    • Take a bigger step back and set against wall for 90 seconds

    Lie Down and Set

    • Lie on your back with your knees bent
    • Set the volleyball to yourself quickly 100 times without pushing the ball high
    • Slow down and set the ball a bit higher 100 more times

    Passing Drills

    Pass to Self

    • Plant your feet and lower your legs like you are passing in a live game
    • Pass to yourself without moving your feet
    • Pass to yourself by moving forward and backward
    • Pass to yourself side-to-side by shuffling your feet

    Wall Pass

    • Pass forward or diagonal, using the wall to return the ball
    • After getting the hang of wall passing, move into pass-set-hit against the wall (similar to peppering with a partner)


    • Alternate between passing and setting to yourself

    Hitting Drills

    • Practice approach in an open space
    • Hit against a wall
    • Perform Dumbbell Arm Swings



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