Bus Routes/Stops

  • Bus Routes/Stops

    It is the policy of the district to provide bus transportation between designated bus stops and schools the students attend. For most students, this means walking to a bus stop located some distance from home. It is the policy of the district not to provide door-to-door transportation.

    In establishing bus routes and pick-up points, safety is the primary concern. However, efficiency and economy of the transportation arrangements are also factors which must be considered.

    1. Bus routes will be established so that an authorized bus stop is available within a reasonable walking distance of the home of every pupil entitled to transportation service.
    2. Authorized bus stops shall be located at convenient intervals in places which pupils can be loaded and unloaded, cross roadways, and await arrival of buses with the utmost safety permitted by roadway conditions.
    3. Students should plan to be at their assigned bus stop five to ten minutes before scheduled time. If students miss the bus, it is their or their parent's responsibility to arrange to get to school.
    4. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children while walking or riding in vehicles other than school buses between home and school or home and authorized bus stop.
    5. Bus routes shall be established over the most direct roads practical for bus travel. As much as possible, routes will be laid out so as to make full use of the carrying capacity of each bus.
    6. Special transportation shall be provided for the eligible physically/mentally handicapped.
    7. Transportation will be provided for each resident child attending a private or parochial school when such transportation is required by State Law and in accordance with the Hyde Park School District calendar. Transportation arrangements will be the same as for children attending the public schools of the district. Requests for transportation to private and parochial schools must be filed, by law, annually prior to April 1 for the following September.
    8. Parents will be notified by letter in August regarding bus route information. Bus routes will also be published in area newspapers and on the District Web Site prior to the opening of school.
    9. Unless specifically noted, students will ride the same bus route number home as they do in the morning.
    If you have specific questions that are not answered by the individual bus route listings, please call the transportation office, 229-4070