Bus Accident Policy/Regulations

  • Bus Accident Policy/Regulations

    The Board of Education's bus policy related to bus accidents states that bus drivers are responsible for the safety of their riders. The policy requires drivers to rigorously observe all motor vehicle laws and regulations for the proper operation of their vehicle. In establishing this policy, the Board also adopted a district set of rules and regulations that each driver is expected to follow in the event of a bus accident.

    Briefly stated, if a bus is involved in an accident, all children will be transported to a hospital either by ambulance or in a vehicle driven by the school authorities.

    Because of New York State's no-fault insurance laws, any injury that your child incurs during a school bus accident must be claimed on your automobile insurance, not the School District's insurance.

    The complete policy and set of regulations is available in any school office, the transportation department, and the Superintendent's office.