vs. Ellenville 10/10

  • FDR:     Ellenville:  0

    Goals:  Matt Koziol

    Assists: Jordan Williams

    Saves:  Mike Bojko - 4

    Coaches Notes: This was a big win!  The hardest thing to do in sport and in life is to bounce back after being let down.  We were let down in the Wallkill game but were given new life when we found out we still had a chance to get in to the MHAL Tournament.  The Ellenville game was tough.  You out played Ellenville, were more physical, and in the end it was obvious which team wanted it the most.  A win is a win regardless of the score.  All we need to do is score one more goal than the opponent and we will win.  You proved that you are capable of doing just that regardless of how the odds are stacked up against us.  We've had outside forces distracting us all season.  We've played with key guys being out sick, out with injury, out for disciplinary reasons, out for religious reasons, and out for issues regarding school.  Every time the going gets tough you guys respond with your best games.  The going is tough right now.  Two games left and two wins needed to get in to MHAL's.  I believe we can do it!  Do you believe?  I know deep down inside you do.  Let's continue to fight through the stuff outside of our control and focus on what we can control.  Lets stay positive, be good  teammates, play hard, and good things will happen.