vs. Red Hook 10/01

  • FDR: 1     Red Hook: 2

    Goals: Dan Scott 


    Saves: Darling - 8

    Coaches Notes:  All I can say after this one is don't ever interrupt my pregame speech ever again.  Our warm-up and pregame talk is just as important as the two 40 minute halves we play.  Sometimes the pregame speech is even more important.  Why do you think we were able to beat Middletown and Spackenkill.  I have a feeling that you guys were probably pretty pumped up for the Spackenkill game after hearing the pregame speech.  Your adrenaline was probably pumping harder then ever before.  When an athlete gets excited to play, when they get determined, and pumped up they can achieve greatness.  When an athlete lacks focus then they will also lack determination and will not have a strong enough will to succeed.  I've been telling you guys over and over and over again that we are only as strong as our weakest link.  Today we had two weak links break the focus of the team.  As a result we were unable to start our strongest lineup and even though we had our best out there for the second half the damage was already done.  

    It is my duty as a coach to make decisions based on what I feel is best for the team even if it means losing a game because of it.  My decision is not what hurt our team today.  The actions of two players hurt the teams chances of winning today.  No one is more important than any other on this team.  Some of you guys need to grow up and start setting a postive example for our younger players.  We have 8 underclassmen on a Varsity team and so far they have not been shown a good demonstration on what it means to be a Varsity athlete.  It's easy to act like a clown to win the hearts of the younger players.  It takes a true athlete to lead by example.  To do whats right ALL of the time.  To be the first one on the field and the last player off of the field.  To be humble in victory.  To give respect to each coach, player, and referee.  To stay positive and pick your teammate up when they fail instead of whinning and putting them down.  I have only seen that from about 2-3 of our seniors.  The attitude and focus of this team is starting to worry me.  Guys have missed practice, shown up late to practice, missed games and I have been very understanding.  Today was the last straw.  As I said earlier.......don't ever interupt me again during a pregame speech or next time you will be dismissed from the team.

    As for the sidelines.  I have ears on ALL sides of the field.  If anyone would like to share their opinions about my coaching style, coaching philosophy, or decision making skills then speak directly to me.  I'll be happy to help you understand why principle is more important than outcome.