vs Rondout Oct. 16

  • FDR 6, Rondout 0

    Goals: Matt Kozoil (2), Andrew Benjamin (2), Tom Steigerwald (2)

    Assists: Sean Gabel, Dan Trocino (2)

    Saves: Matt Darling (4), Matt Considine (4)

    Coach's Notes: The team finished out the season strong winning their last 6 games and ending with a 9-3-1 record. Although there is no championships for JV teams it was also important to note they were undefeated in their division. They were able to beat their final opponent, Rondout, by a score of 6-0. The guys really came up big. They knew that they had tied this team much earlier in the season but we were playing much better soccer since then and wanted to show it. Matt K. scored very early in the game and we were winning 2-0 at half time. Besides playing some great soccer in the first half the thing that I was most proud of was that there was no over excessive celebrations after we scored our first goal. Many times this season we have scored only to get too proud of ourselves and give up a quick goal to the other team. Today we remained focused and it showed. We scored 6 goals are largest output this season, Matt K with 2, Andrew with 2, and Tom with 2. Sean Gabel had an assist and Dan Trocino had 2 assists to Tom. Matt Considine and Matt Darling combined for the shut out.

    It was a great game to end the season on. I was really impressed with their development this season. I give them all the credit for their daily hard work, coachability and desire to always put the team above the indivual. It was a very enjoyable season and I look forward to coaching the returners next year.