vs Saugerties Sept. 20

  • FDR 3, Saugerties 0

    Goals: Matt Kozoil, Graham Groves, Misael Robinson 

    Assists: James Bernacchia (2)

    Saves: Matt Considine (5)

    Coach's Notes: FDR scored a quick goal in the first half and added two more in the second on a hot summer like day. Graham Groves scored probably the best looking goal all season after he redirected a crossed ball from James from the left corner. I was particularly happy with this goal because this is the type of scoring opportunities we have not been able to finish in the last couple of games. Misael Robinson scored a second goal also from a pass by James from the corner. Matt Considine recorded his first complete game shut out for the Presidents  with 5 saves with the help of some excellent defensive efforts by Cody Jacoby, Sean Gabel, and Andrew Benjamin.