at Wallkill Sept. 18

  • FDR 3, Wallkill 0

    Goals: Sean Gabel, James Bernacchia, Devon Williams

    Saves: Matt Darling (7)

    Coach's Notes: Although Wallkill had a tough off-sides trap the Presidents were able to capitilize in the second half three different times after being shut out in the first half. The first goal was scored by Sean. After the first goal the Panters tried to adjust by playing a more offensive style which opened the field up for more scoring opportunities. James and Devon each added at goal for the Presidents as the win ended a two game scoring drought. A large reason for our improved offensive performance was the passing game. Players were able to cross the ball earlier and more effectively and our outside midfielders started to look back to the midfield for a quick shot or a switch of the field when the crosses were not available. If we continue to pass to feet and communicate we should continue to find success. This wins also ends a two game winning streak for Wallkill against FDR. The biggest highlight of the game was Matt Darling's save against a PK with the score being 1-0. If Matt had not stopped the PK the outcome may have been different with momentum in Wallkill's favor. This was the 4th straight PK save recorded by Matt Darling in two years. No team has yet to score on him at the JV level in PK situations.