10/23 HMS at Millbrook

  • Haviland 3 ... Millbrook 1

    Goals: Graham Groves (2), Zack Goodwin

    Assists: Sean Gabel, Tom Steigerwald, Mike Laselva

    Saves: Peter Knight (5)

    Coach's Notes: My team did a nice job on the worst field conditions and coldest game of the season.  We were able to split playing time evenly amongst the team and also played with a different goalie for the first time this year.  I was proud to receive a letter from the Millbrook coach the next day complimenting our teams play, sportsmanhip, and good attitudes.  Excellent job guys!  Red Hook on Friday!

    **If you have digital pictures to share of today's game please email them to FDR_boys_soccer@yahoo.com Thank you!