10/10 Millbrook at HMS

  • Haviland 5 ... Millbrook 0

    Goals: Mike Laselva, Tom Theysohn, Zack Goodwin, Devon Williams, Tom Steigerwald

    Assists: Tom Steigerwald, Dominic D'Alessio, Devon Williams (2), Sean Gabel

    Saves: Mike Bojko (5)

    Coach's Notes: Today we were able to play with a lineup that was full of seventh grade talent and still record a 5 to zero win.  It was so nice to see guys like Dom, Laselva, Goodwin, and Theysohn get involved with the scoring, and it was also nice to see Bojko dive across the goaline, completely parallel to the ground, and save the only legitimate goal opportunity for Millbrook.  We had fun but its back to work tomorrow at Webutuck.  Great job guys!

    **If you have digital pictures to share of today's game please email them to FDR_boys_soccer@yahoo.com Thank you!