vs Washingtonville 10/4

  • vs. *Washingtonville 10/4 (NL)
    FDR:  0    Washingtonville:  2



    Saves: Mike Bojko (7) 

    Coaches Notes: I know the effort was there in yesterday's game. We just came up a bit short on some scoring opportunities and Washingtonville was able to capitalize on theirs.  The most disappointing part about yesterday's game is knowing that we could beat them.  But 3 and 1 in our non-league schedule against all AA schools is very good.  We have to remember that we have 7 wins and only lost 2.  Red Hook is a strong team and we were just a bit off against Washingtonville.  We're in good shape!  Tomorrow we get back into our division games.  These are the games we need to be most focused for.  This is the time of season that we need to play our best, be our most positive, and come together as a team.  I believe in you guys and I truly believe we will get it done this year.  Let's go get our MHAL Championship!  First step at Rondout tomorrow.  Let's go get it!


    Division 1-0

    League  4-1-0

    Non-League 3-1

    Overall 7-2-0