(w) vs Wallkill 9/29

  • vs. *Wallkill 9/29
    FDR:  5    Wallkill:  1

    Goals:    Greg Baluzy, Robert Foster, Matt Koziol, Tom Steigerwald (2)

    Assists:  Alec Borowsky, Ian Pavlak, Devon Williams

    Saves: Mike Bojko (5) 

    Coaches Notes: Great game guys!  Pre-game was excellent, you improved your play compared to our Red Hook game, and you were able to put them away in the second half.  I still have some concerns with how our back four have been playing.  You played much better today but we still need to work on playing together as a group and dropping quicker and tighter.  We will work on it and I know we will continue to improve as we approach the post season. 

    All of this rain the past two days has answered your request to have some time off.  Our next game is our last AA non-league game.  You should be well rested and ready to out play Washingtonville.  Then its back to our division games.  If we continue to stay positive, work hard, and continue to improve then we can't be stopped.  MHAL Championship Tournament here we come!


    Division 1-0

    League  4-1-0

    Non-League 3-0

    Overall  7-1-0