vs. New Paltz

  • vs. New Paltz 10/1
    FDR:  5    New Paltz:  0

    Goals:   Kevin Cerdas (2), Pat Noonan, Matt Koziol, Yury Wajda

    Assists: Matt Koziol, Tom Steigerwald

    Saves:   Bojko 3

    Coaches Notes:

    The best medicine for a loss is to get back on the field immediately and get a win.  You dominated New Paltz in the first half exactly like you dominated Rondout in the first half of that game.  The difference was that we were able to finish in the New Paltz game.  Bring the same intensity on the field for Wallkill.  I know you guys will get the job done.


    Division 2-1

    League  6 -1-0

    Non-League 2 -0

    Overall  8-1-0