vs Onteora Oct. 23

  • FDR 4, Onteora 2

    Goals: Jordan Williams (2), Ross Musumeci, Dan Scott

    Assists: Ross Musumeci, Sean Noonan

    Saves: Dan Roe (17)

    Coach's Notes: WOW! You guys were great tonight. My head is still spinning. We won this evening because we were confident going in to this game. You guys truly believed in your hearts that we would win and that is why we did.

    This is what I've been trying to get you guys to understand.  When you think positive, positive things happen. If you tend to be negative, negative things happen. All of you came out today determined and it showed.

    J-Will, your first goal was the combination of determination and focus. I know you have it in you to be the team's top goal scorer and you proved that today. You're an amazing soccer player and we're lucky to have you on our team.

    Ross that was your best goal of the season. Nice job creating goal scoring opportunities today. When you put your team first good things happen.

    Jesse, patience is a virtue. You just keep those wheels polished and your scoring opportunities will come. I got a good feeling about Thursday.

    Habib, your scoring opportunities are right there too. Stay positive, keep that big smile on your face, and your goals will come.

    Scottie, you are the field general. Everything on the field happens as a direct result of your hard work in the midfield.  That was a beautiful goal.

    Pat, James, Henry, Kareem, and Lyvers; all of you contributed high quality minutes. Without your hustle, hard work helping out on defense, and being a part of the offensive attack our win would not have been possible.

    Ice that leg Patsy; we need the Freshman Phenom on Thursday.

    James, patience.... your scoring opportunities are right there kid. Just keep believing and it will happen.

    Henry, your heart is bigger than anyone I have ever coached. In my mind you're already a Marine. Ice your ankle and get well for Thursday.

    Kareem Team, excellent job at left mid and filling in for Pat at DCM. You created many scoring opportunities and played excellent defense.

    Lyvers, tremendous job playing left mid. You won just about every 50/50 ball near you and helped keep the pressure on Onteora's defense late in the game.

    Noonan, you're a stud defender. Within minutes of pushing you up to stopper we became a stronger team. Beautiful in swinging corner. Thank God Jordan was the only person to make the correct run.

    Tony, Andrew, Willie, and Swade; you guys are the best outside defenders in the league.

    Tony, your speed and determination on defense is why we are 16-1 right now.  Continue to let your confidence grow and continue to help our offense score.

    Andrew, you're a bear. Don't ever ask for a sub under those circumstances ever again. I'm still shaking my head. Besides that, nice job locking down your side of the field.

    Willie, you're a coach's dream. You said the words, "coach I'm ready to play ANYWHERE." Your role on this team is also why we are 16-1. I'm always confident putting you in during pressure situations.

    Swade, you're my versatile, long ball secret weapon. Excellent job filling in at DCM. I love knowing I can count on you in pressure situations as well.

    Mik, oh Micky Boy. You are more intense than the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Nice job falling back as sweeper today and locking down the field. Your intensity and sense
    of humor is what makes this crazy team tic.

    Last but certainly not least, D-ROE. WOW! The only reason we have a game on Thursday is because of your beautiful saves. You have transformed in to the league's best goal keeper. Continue to lead this team by example.

    Eric, if I had one wish in this world it would be for you to be on that field mixing it up with the guys. Your presence alone lifts the spirits of our team and helps the guys perform their best. Thank you for being the backbone of our team.

    I can talk about how great you are Thursday night. This is what we have been talking about since tryouts. Our team goal, MHAL Champs. It's so close I can taste it. I can already hear the cheers of happy FDR fans; I already see the smiles on your faces as you jump up and down in victory.

    Do you believe? Doesn't it feel great to believe? I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!  I believe that we will win! Now it's time to make it happen.