at Spackenkill Oct. 2

  • Spackenkill 3, FDR 2

    Goals: Jordan Williams (2)

    Assists: Ross Musumeci

    Saves: Dan Roe (16)

    Coach's Notes: Revisiting this game has been an extremely difficult task for me. After two weeks of reflecting on everything that happened during the Spackenkill game, I have come to the conclusion that I am very proud of the fight my players put forth. Every player for FDR contributed quality minutes and ALL put forth their best efforts. Dan Roe was the most valuable player during the game because without the 6-7 amazing saves he had, we would have never had a chance. Jordan Williams was also the most valuable player because he put forth 110% effort for 80 minutes. If it weren't for the spectacular saves of the Spackenkill keeper Jordan could've had at least one more goal. The current Spackenkill team has been labled "one of the most talented teams at any level in the past five years" by other coaches in the league. If that statement is true then I am really excited by my teams play. It's just unfortunate that the referees took the game out of the kids hands and basically decided the outcome by rewarding Spackenkill with a penalty kick on a very questionable call. Foul or no foul, with the way the game was played to that point the foul should not have been called. Not with less than ten minutes left in the game.  Hopefully a loss like this one will motivate my team to step it up a notch if we get the opportunity to play Spackenkill again this year. If we do meet again it will be for the MHAL championship. It looks like if we want to achieve our goal we will have to go through Spackenkill. I believe we can do it.

    Remember this your lifetime through...

    "Tomorrow, there will be more to do. . .  And failure waits for all who stay with some success made yesterday. . . Tomorrow, you must try once more and even harder than before"*
                                                                                           *John Wooden