vs Onteora Sept. 28

  • FDR 2, Onteora 1

    Goals: Sean Noonan, Dan Scott

    Assists: Sean Noonan

    Saves: Dan Roe (12)

    Coach's Notes: I was a bit nervous for this game because I wasn't sure where my guy's heads were at. Do they think this is going to be an easy game? Have they forgotten what happened last year? I myself was a bit flat before the game unable to muster up a motivational speech before taking the field. The game started fast with both teams playing aggressive and determined to score first. Onteora was able to put the first goal in at the 9 minute mark. I thought to myself, "Hmm, this will be interesting to see how my team plays from behind for the first time this season." FDR started to play with a sense of urgency but I still heard arguing on the field. I started to move players around trying to find a chemistry that would help us get back into the game.

    Nothing I did seemed to create a spark. Should I unleash my secret weapon? I didn't want to make this move too soon for fear of going down 2-0 but something inside said, "it's time." I sent Willie on to the field with instructions to activate the secret weapon in silence. Within 5 minutes Sean Noonan fired a shot far post and scored.  Mission accomplished. Now that I was able to breathe again I made the necessary substitutions to reset my lineup. Noonan's goal lifted the team spirit allowing us to start playing our game. We started getting more scoring opportunities, we started winning more 50/50 balls, our defense started playing with a chip on their shoulder, and D-Roe locked it up in goal. Our hard work and determination is what gave us the opportunity for a free kick just about 10 yards outside of the top corner of the box. Sean Noonan played a perfect ball to the center of the box where "Scottie to Hottie" headed the ball past the keeper. WOW! That was a beautiful goal. The half ended with a 2-1 score.

    During the half while it rained on us, we had our typical discussion of getting things off of our chests, making guys aware of what we need to do in the second half, and like always, the occasional joking around which helps the guys stay loose and makes me shake my head. The second half was a different game. We controlled the ball, had many scoring opportunities and slowly took the life out of Onteora. By the end of the game it was obvious who the better team was. FDR! When the game ended I told my guys to be proud of their 10-0 record, to enjoy their weekend, and to start thinking about Tuesday's showdown. Spackenkill is a very talented team and will be our toughest opponent this year BUT, FDR is a very talented team and will be the toughest team Spackenkill faces this year. We can win this game guys. It starts with believing we can win. We have to believe first, and then we have to make it happen. I believe we can win. Do you believe? Get your head right for Mondays practice.

    "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."*

                                                                                      *Anatole France