at Red Hook Sept. 14

  • FDR 1, Red Hook 0

    Goals: Jordan Williams

    Assists: Dan Scott

    Saves: Dan Roe (8)

    Coach's Notes: Playing at Red Hook on a Friday night under the lights was a game I was a bit nervous about.  Especially since our last game was the Saturday before. The team came to practice the Monday before still happy from their successful Joel Tomson Memorial Tournament win. They were joking around at practice and were almost too loose for comfort. This is usually when great teams let down their guard and get knocked out by their next opponent. I didn't think we were ready for the Tuesday game against Onteora (the team that delivered FDR's knockout blow just a year ago). Thank God it rained. On Wednesday I decided to break down the schedule into four, 4-game seasons to help my guys gain motivation and refocus. Red Hook would be the first game on our 2nd 4-game season. Like every other game it was a must win situation.

    When we arrived at Red Hook and departed the bus it felt like we made it to the big leagues. Warm-up music played while the teams warmed up. The field was perfectly level, thick and green. The bleachers were filled with students, parents, and local fans settling in for what should be an excellent match.

    As soon as the game started I began to juggle 2 ideas in my head. Either Red Hook is not as good as I expected or, WOW! We are better than I thought. We had about 3 scoring opportunities during the first half but could not capitalize. Red Hook also had some scoring opportunities that Dan Roe quickly erased. At the half I focused on what we did well; controlled the middle third of the field, maintained possession, switched fields with ease, created scoring opportunities, and like every game, the defense was a steal curtain. I also made it a point to remind them that at some time we need to start finishing. The boys increased the intensity in the second half and were able to create a scoring opportunity when Ross made a "square" pass to Scottie who attacked the end line and made a cross to Jordan who was in excellent position to deflect the ball into the goal.

    I would have liked to see more scoring but was happy with how my team fought to the last minute. Good win guys! The night ended with me and Habib taking the bus home with 2 pizzas. I guess me and Habib are the real troopers.