FDR vs Middletown

  • FDR 1, Middletown 0

    Goals: Sean Noonan

    Saves: Dan Roe (6)

    Coach's Notes: Our team looked focused and pumped as they walked on to the pitch to defend their Joel Tomson Memorial Cup. Waiting for them was a very fast and highly skilled Middletown team looking to upset the home team. When the game started I quickly realized it would be a hard fought battle. My captains chose to play at a disadvantage in the first half with the wind in our face and the sun in Dan Roe's eyes. The mission for the first half was to defend our goal and try to capitalize off any scoring opportunities given to us. Throughout the first half I rotated my guys often, trying to keep everyone fresh for the second half. By halftime I noticed the Middletown team was starting to slow down and lose their focus. I demanded my team to pick up the pace and win one for Coach Tomson. As the whistle sounded to start the second half my team responded and raised the pressure and pace of the game. The aggressive play in the attacking third of the field provided us with a direct kick from just outside the 18. Sean Noonan paced slowly by the ball deciding to either chip the ball over the wall or fire a shot on goal. He quickly approached the ball and fired a shot over the keepers raised arms that hit the back of the net with so much force that three of the plastic zip ties snapped off. The net hung low as did the heads of the Middletown team. We kept the pressure on, controlled the middle third of the field, and defeated a very talented Middletown team. I was so proud of my entire roster. Everyone's role is just as important as the next guy's role. We played as a team and won as a team.