Homework Assignments - Participation in Government

  • Participation in Government (Grade 12)

    Weekly Assignment: A current event is due every week on Monday (or on the first day of each week).  It should consist of the following-

    1.  Find an article that is cut out or printed off the computer from an approved newspaper or magazine.

    Approved Newspapers & Magazines

    US News & World Report

    Newsweek Magazine


    Time Magazine

    New York Post

    New York Times

    Wall Street Journal

    Poughkeepsie Journal

    USA Today

    The Daily News

    The Journal News


    2.  SUMMARIZE the article in 5-7 well thought out sentences.


    3.  EXPLAIN whether you agree or disagree with the author's point of view and why in 5-7 well thought out sentences.


    ***This assignment should be typed and double spaced with the article stapled to the back of your work.  OR-You may handwrite this assignment if your writing is legible.