Retiree Information & Forms

  • Retiree Health Insurance Information



    To have your health insurance premium payments automatically taken from your checking account, please complete the application below and return it to Human Resources with a voided check. 

    The Preferred will automatically be informed of any changes in your premium every July, or if you have a change in your policy at any other time of the year. 

    The Preferred Direct Payment Application



    If you are paying your health insurance premium payments by check, please use the Preferred Payment Coupons for your record keeping.  

    Preferred Payment Coupons



    The Medicare Creditable Coverage letter is sent to you each October.  This is your proof that you have prescription coverage with your health insurance and do not need to buy a supplemental plan. 

    Your Alt PPO or EPO-20 plan has prescription coverage and you do not need to purchase another supplemental.

    Medicare Prescription Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice Dated 10/13/2020