Field Trip Information for Staff

  • Please review the following.  The link to the Field Trip Request Form is at the bottom of the page.

    Chaperone Ratios

    For all field trips, the following chaperone-to-student ratios are approximate and recommended:

    1. Elementary school trips:         1 : 10
    2. Secondary school trips:          1 : 15

    District Permission Slips for students


    Procedures For Day Trips

    1.  If district transportation will be requested, the teacher, coach or club advisor will first call the transportation department to determine the availability for the proposed trip date.

    2.  Teacher or advisor will then complete the district’s field trip request form and submit it to the appropriate administrator (either building principal or curriculum director) no less than three (3) weeks in advance for day trips.

    • NOTE: If district transportation is not being requested and a private carrier is being used, or if no transportation will be required (e.g., walking trips), then the advance call to the transportation department is not required.  However, the transportation supervisor must approve all trip requests that involve either district buses or private carriers

    3.  The administrator reviews the submittal and approves the field trip request by signing and dating the district field trip form and sending it directly to the transportation supervisor.

    • Note: The administrator is responsible for sending forward only those requests that are timely and have all required information included.4.  The transportation supervisor logs the transportation required to commit the resources, signs the transportation approval area, and forwards the signed field trip request to the superintendent’s office.  This should be completed within one week of receipt.

    4.  The superintendent’s office reviews the request for completeness and, if appropriate, the superintendent signs the approval.

    5.  Copies of approved request forms are returned to: the building principal; the curriculum director, if appropriate; the transportation supervisor; and the teacher(s)/advisor(s) requesting the trip.

    6.  If the field trip request is not approved by the superintendent, the teacher/advisor will be notified by e-mail

    • Note:  No field trip should be presumed approved and scheduled until the signed approval is returned from the superintendent.

    Procedures For Overnight Trips

    Steps 1 – 4 of the Day Trips procedures apply, with the exception that the field trip request form should be submitted no less than seven (7) weeks in advance for overnight trips, since these require Board of Education approval.

    1.  Overnight field trip request forms must be received and stamped by the board clerk no later than one (1) month prior to the Board of Education meeting date at which board approval is anticipated.  All prior approvals must be in place, including the review and approval by both the assistant superintendent for business and the superintendent of schools.

    2.  Following approval by the Board of Education, copies of approved request forms are returned to:  the building principal; the curriculum director, if appropriate; the transportation supervisor, and the teacher(s)/advisor(s) requesting the trip.

     Note:  No overnight field trip should be presumed approved and scheduled until the signed approval is returned from the board clerk.

    NoteIf a private carrier is not being used, parents/guardians may transport their child(ren to/from the event. Students whose parents are not providing transportation will be provided transportation by an occasional driver designated by the District (lead agent of the trip).  Both the private carrier and designated occasional driver’s vehicles are required to be inspected by the District’s transportation supervisor. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DRIVE THEMSELVES.

     3.  In addition, the responsible administrator must ensure that the following information required for overnight field trips is completed and available in the district office in a timely fashion prior to the departure date:

    Trip information:

    1. List of student names with each student’s parent/guardian emergency contact information.
    2. List of chaperones and key contact person(s) with cellular telephone number(s).
    3. Contact information for housing, if applicable.
    4. Contact information for transportation carrier, if applicable.
    5. Trip itinerary.

    4.  For overnight trips, the following completed and signed documents must be taken on the trip, with a duplicate complete file retained with the approving administrator:

    Trip documents:

    1. Field Trip / Overnight Permission Slip
    2. Field Trip Transportation Permission Slip (if not using district transportation)
    3. Code of Conduct Signed by Parent Transporting/Accompanying Student
    4. Acceptance and Behavioral Contract
    5. Self-Medication Release form
    6. Authorization to Consent to Treatment for Minor
    7. Medication Permission Request form
    8. Student Health Information form

    The following trip requirements must be met for overnight trips:

    1. Room assignments must be separated by gender.
    2. Chaperones must receive a duty checklist and have their responsibilities clearly delineated. Such a duty checklist must minimally include:
      1. List of students for whom the chaperone is responsible.
      2. Specific times for curfew and bed check.
      3. Specific number of times and places for head counts. (Roll call head count is preferable.)​