Up and coming assemblies


            Welcome..........  We are getting ready for our NES GETS FIT assembly for January 29th.  The assembly will start by 2:00, each of the classes will participate in an activity in the gymnasium and a healthy snack in the cafeteria.  Once again we are so excited to have Mr. Anthony (Chef)  to make the snack and explain the ingredients to the students.

    We had a great time with Mr. Anthony, he made Beef Barley soup and Tostitos . Many of the students wanted to have seconds.  After the healthy snack students went to the gym for a game called roll and run.  

     On March 6th we had our final assembly, Mr. Anthony was a huge success.  The healthy snack was a breakfast bar made of dates, oats, flax seed, maple syrup and a little butter.  The students also enjoyed a  delicious smoothie  made of strawberries, grapefruit, tanorange and orange juice.  We will be sending home the recipes soon.  The activity in the gym was a game called Sub sandwich, students had to build healthy sandwiches using bean bags.  We hope that your child has enjoyed the healthy assemblies.  Stay tune for the next assembly.