Netherwood Gets Fit


                   Netherwood Elementary School was awarded a Cornell Cooperative Extension "Eat Well Play Hard" Award.  Eat Well Play Hard (EWPH) was developed to help prevent childhood obesity and reduce long-term risks for chronic disease through the promotion of targeted dietary practices and increased physical activity.  The EWPH "Seed Projects" were developed in order to facilitate permanent, sustainable change to a school's policy, system or the physical environment in order to increase physical activity and improve nutrition in the schools.  A wellness committee was formed and drafted a proposal that is geared toward making a positive impact on the nutrition and physical activity of our students.  The name given to the program was NES GETS FIT! 

    There are two components of this program.  The first piece involves providing additional opportunities for students to be active.  One avenue for achieving this goal is by providing classrooms with materials that can be used inside or outside for movement activities.  These activities are cooperative in nature and will enhance classroom instruction.  In addition, we have adopted the "Peaceful Playgrounds" program as a way to eliminate playground arguments and bullying.  Peaceful Playgrounds is a comprehensive program that emphasizes the development of academic, physical and social skills through play at recess.  A variety of activities will be stenciled to the existing blacktop areas (of the upper and lower playground) to allow the students more choices and there by facilitating more activity.  The second piece of the NES GETS FIT! program involves improving the nutritional value in the snacks that the students consume.  We will be providing several opportunities for students to taste test healthy snack choices.