Million Dollar Project


    Congratulations! You have just been given $1,000,000. If you do not spend it in the allotted time, you must return it. Here is what you must do. Please follow the rules below. As you complete each item, check it off on the table.

    Check off as completed
    1. _____ Put $50,000 in a savings account (Must do)

    2. _____ Put $75,000 away for college (Must do)

    3. _____ Take your whole family on a vacation. Remember to include transportation, hotels, meals, and spending money (Must do)

    4. _____ Purchase a house but not over $450,000. Buy ONLY (1) ONE house (Must do)
                After you find a house, open up a document in Word.  Write your name at the top.  Include a picture of your house.  Under the picture, include the price, and a short description (location of the house, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc.).  Then write a paragraph explaining why you chose this house.


    5. _____ Give money away to charity but not over $100,000 (You are not charity nor your relatives or pets.) (Must do)

                After researching causes of interest, write a paragraph explaining why you chose the charity.

    6. _____ Redesign a room in your new house. Include pictures of the items you plan to buy for the redesign. (Must do)


    7. _____ You may only purchase up to three (3) of the same item. (Unit pricing)


    8. _____ Find pictures and/or prices from the newspaper, flyers, magazines, catalogs, etc. for the things you buy. Do not forget to put down the price and total each sheet of paper. (Must do)

    9. _____ Use the enclosed tally sheet to total up your expenses. List a grand total on the last sheet. You will need to use a calculator. (Must do)

    10. _____ Design an attractive cover for your project and staple or place in a folder. (Must do)

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